wallsConcrete walls are very popular because of their strength and versatility.  As leaders in the concrete construction industry we are staying abreast of the latest techniques for concrete wall construction.  Cast-in-place concrete walls help decrease costs and improve the quality of the concrete structures they produce. The very nature of cast in place concrete work assures that each job we perform is a unique response to our customer's needs.

We are proud to provide concrete foundations and footings whether a foundation sits on footings or on piers. Foundations are built to meet project specifications.  Foundations can have decorative and/or insulating value in addition to the structural element. Talk to us or your architect about potential options. We have the capabilities to meet your needs.

Concrete Systems has grown to be an industry leader in commercial and industrial concrete construction in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Our projects include those for private commercial and industrial companies, as well as, government entities and municipalities.  We have constructed everything from basic foundations to foundations for highly detailed facilities such as medical buildings, assisted-living and retirement complexes, industrial and commercial buildings and warehouses, schools, municipal buildings, hotels, retail malls and multi-story office buildings.  

Concrete Systems has extensive experience placing commercial and industrial concrete foundations in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Whether your project requires simple footings and frost walls, multi-story one-sided wall pours, or anything in between, you can be confident that Concrete Systems will provide you with the quality foundation necessary to ensure that your project gets off to a solid start.